Root Communication Limited

Providing nationwide collection and recycling service for redundant Electronic equipments.
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About Us

Our Environmental Accomplishment

Root Communications are proud to operate a 0% Landfill policy. In our electronic recycling processing facility in UK and across the global we can recycle and reuse each equipment/ every piece of IT related equipment.

How do we do this? Our first option is to Reuse! We aim to reuse as a first option as this is the best form of recycling as it requires less energy and has the least environmental impact than it would to manufacture again.

If the equipment is broken or is deemed unusable our team of skilled technicians will deconstruct it to raw materials such as plastic, aluminium, steel and copper and glass.

These Raw materials are then used to manufacture new products!

Glass 0
Plastic 0
Ferrous Metals 0
Non Ferrous Metals 0
Electronic Boards 0


Full Audit Trail

Every asset receives a tag and bar code which is logged in our system.

FREE Collections

We offer a free collection service but remain a premium service provider

Client Portal

Our clients have access to our client portal where they can book future collections