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Smart Boards Collection

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Smart Boards Collection

RootCommunication, a reputable company based in Manchester, offers a comprehensive collection of smart boards designed to enhance communication and collaboration in various settings. Their range of smart boards includes cutting-edge features such as interactive touchscreens, wireless connectivity, and intuitive software interfaces. Whether for classrooms, boardrooms, or creative spaces.


RootCommunication’s smart boards empower users to engage, share ideas, and streamline productivity seamlessly. With a commitment to quality and innovation, RootCommunication continues to be a trusted provider of advanced technology solutions in the Manchester area and beyond.



Smart Boards

How we collect Smart boards 


Upon collection, our trained professionals carefully handle each Smart Board, ensuring they are transported securely to our recycling facility. We prioritize safety and efficiency to minimize any risk of damage during transit.

Sorting and Assessment:

 At our recycling facility, the Smart Boards undergo meticulous sorting and assessment. Our experts evaluate each board to determine its condition and potential for refurbishment or recycling.

Data Erasure:

For Smart Baords containing sensitive data, our state-of-the-art data erasure techniques guarantee complete confidentiality. We take data security seriously and utilize industry-standard protocols to ensure all information is permanently deleted.

Dismantling and Recycling:

Smart Baords are then dismantled into their constituent parts to maximize recycling efficiency. Components such as screens, circuit boards, and plastics are carefully separated and processed for recycling, while hazardous materials are handled according to strict environmental regulations.

For Booking A Collection:

Reach out to RootCommunication through to initiate the booking process. Our friendly customer service team is available to assist you with any questions and guide you through the booking procedure.

Email: info@rootcommunication.co.uk ,Mobile: +44 (0) 800 756 6660